Daluma cafe – review


I went to Berlin last weekend, for the very first time! Such a nice city I must say. I got to try some different vegetarian restaurants like The Bowl and Daluma. Among them Daluma was my favourite! Daluma is perfect for  those days were you aren’t in the mood for a heavy lunch but rather looking for light meal.  Daluma got a really nice and relaxed atmosphere and the seating is mainly located outside.I weren’t convinced by the sit- on- cushions eating – style, but it actually works.  Daluma is located in the very trend Rosenthaler Platz, in Mitte.The menu at Daluma has a focus on vegan/ vegetarian food and raw food if you’d like. They have everything from chia pudding, salads and acai bowls.  They also have a large juice and smoothie menu, which features creations like the, Green Giant and Dr. Feel Good.



Their menu let you a choose a  base like lentils, quinoa, rice, pasta or raw vegetables combined with fruits/ vegetables. I tried to salad with a combination of zucchini, carrot, cucumber + mango, kelp, wakame, celery, sesame with the algae- miso dressing. It was delicious, although the dressing was a bit too much so I’m glad I ordered it on the side. I didn’t get a chance to try the breakfasts, but the menu looks good. The service was brilliant and I didn’t take long before we got our food.The downside was some of the lunch bowl combinations were a bit dull. Daluma is very innovative and if you are looking for superfood dishes, this is your place.




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